ADLINK-circlesFogHorn and ADLINK Technology’s innovative Digital eXperiments as-a-Service (DXS) program enables highly efficient testing of potential Industrial IoT (IIoT) use cases to determine their maximum value to an organization. DXS is a preferred option compared to higher cost, higher risk and longer cycles of traditional proof of concept (PoC) approaches.

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Everything you need to make IIoT simple:

  • Get everything connected
  • Experience real-time insights, better predictive capability
  • Leverage edge to cloud ML
  • Stream anywhere
  • Link IIoT data to key platforms
  • Built on a trusted platform

The more experiments you do, the more innovations you find!

FogHorn and ADLINK DXS approach each project individually to determine which areas are likely to be affected by the solution, from ground level operations to admin and resource allocation. Each digital experiment is defined at the intersection of people, places and affected assets, where most value can be created.