5 Frequently Asked Questions about Edge Computing 

Edge Computing Executive Interview - Kevin Duffy, Foghorn - ARC Industry Forum 2019
Edge computing, including real-time streaming analytics and machine learning, is one of the most prominent trends in industrial infrastructure and operations today. With the increased adoption of advanced edge intelligence, organizations across a range of verticals will benefit from significant operating efficiencies, maximum asset performance and improved process improvements.

In this interview, ARC Advisory Group sits down with FogHorn Vice President of Business Development, Kevin Duffy, to answer the most frequently asked questions about edge computing.

  1. Which industries are meaningfully adopting edge computing?
  2. What are the primary drivers for moving computing to the edge?
  3. Are there any killer use cases for edge computing?
  4. What’s the importance of the human role in edge computing?
  5. What separates FogHorn from other edge computing offerings?